What is incentive travel?

‘Incentive’ or ‘motivational’ travel is a term we use to describe group trips organised by companies for their loyal employees. You can think of it as an award or an encouragement to keep good mutual relationships between the employees and business partners. They differ from classical group trips by being based on clearly stated and measurable targets and goals. Help with their organisation is usually provided by local DMCs (Destination Management Company) who know the local incentive products best.

What types of incentive programmes are out there?


The best way to categorize individual incentive programmes is to look at what their goal and purpose is, and they shouldn’t be mistaken for team building programmes, which are usually on the itinerary of classical group trips.

The most common types of incentive programmes in Carinthia are:

  • Sales Incentive
    The main goal of such programmes is to influence and motivate employees in the field of sales and thereby drive results, a typical example being a programme that only the salespeople with the best results can attend. That gives the activity some extra competitiveness within a corporation.
  • Rewards and Recognition
    These programmes are a reward for a great team effort, usually carried out at the end of important strategic projects of a company. They are a big morale boost and are one of the most common forms of incentives.
  • Employee Motivation
    The goal of such programmes is to strengthen team bonds, improve motivation in the workplace and eliminate conflicts within the team. The integral part of these programmes is strategic team building activities in connection with an authentic experience of the destination they take place in.
  • Customer Loyalty
    A reward for the most loyal subscribers or partners who have achieved great sales results within the scope of your contract. By nature, this is one of the more exclusive types of incentive.
  • New Product Incentives
    When a company launches a new product, an incentive programme is usually a great way to motivate the buyers. These programmes are a common thing in the automotive industry, where car companies organise a whole array of incentive programmes for journalists, sales representatives, GMs and the whole service network.

TYPES AND EXAMPLES OF INCENTIVE PROGRAMME IN CARINTHIA (note: the 1st Incentives Alpe Adria event was held in Carinthia in April 2018)

Carinthia offers a rich palette of adrenaline programmes all condensed into a hugely picturesque area that will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Active & Fun
Fun games and creative programmes for groups of all sizes in the stunning setting of Carinthia’s Alpine summits and crystal-clear lakes.


Cultural & Educational
The ‘land of three countries’ is also known as the ‘land of a thousand lakes’, heavily defined by its borderland position. It’s a land where three nations have left their heavy imprints of their cultures and you can explore it for yourself through these programmes.


Carinthia is well known as one of the most developed and attractive culinary hotspots of Europe. Through their fun, interactive and educational culinary programmes you will get the chance to experience the true depth and richness of the Alpe-Adria cuisine.



  1. High standards of infrastructure and an equally high quality of living
  2. A stunning alpine location with crystal clear lakes and pristine nature
  3. A wide range of meeting venues
  4. Regional food culture with excellent dining spots
  5. Endless incentive ideas and exceptional delegate experiences


The common ingredient of all the creative and diverse incentive programmes in Carinthia is high quality in close connection with the local culture and excellent cuisine. Incentive programmes have long been a connecting link between different fields such as culture, science, art, cuisine, history and nature. All of this puts Carinthia and its incentive product at the very top of European congress destinations, with huge potential for the future.

SITE: “Incentive travel is a global management tool that uses an exceptional travel experience to motivate and/or recognize participants for increased levels of performance in support of organisational goals.”

SITE: “Incentive programmes can increase performance of an individual by 22% and of a team by 44%.”

SITE is the international association for the motivational events industry