After exciting “Try before you buy” experiences, the second edition of Incentives Alpe Adria successfuly came to an end in Pula

Incentives Alpe Adria is way more than just a B2B trade show. Making its debut last year in Nassfeld, Austria, the second edition of Incentives Alpe Adria was hosted in Pula, Croatia, turning the typical trade show format upside down once again.


Medea Winery

The event was split into two segments. On the first day (25 April 2019), the participants embarked on a “Try before you buy experience” across Pula and its surroundings. They were split into four groups, each exploring their own part of Pula. They were able to choose between an active, culinary, cultural or historical experience, allowing them to fully experience the tiny romantic Istrian villages around Pula, taste the most awarded Istrian olive oil and wine, learn more about the cultural and historical heritage of Pula, as well as go to the iconic Brioni islands. The experiences were a perfect warm-up for the meetings, which followed the next morning, creating a relaxed atmosphere.


Chiavalon olive grove, where they make the world-famous Chiavalon olive oil

On the second day, the participants had their One2One meetings, but to get them fired up to make new partnerships, the day started with some early morning meditation on the terrace of Park Plaza Histria. Incentives Alpe Adria is truly boutique and personal, it successfully connected 18 top-notch buyers with 10 of the best regional exhibitors.


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