You have to try it to believe it

Shrouded in many myths, caviar is well known as a culinary ‘drug’. Good caviar doesn’t need artistically created dishes to shine, but rather it captivates the palate of any well seasoned gourmande with its own unique flavor. Each year, in autumn, the unique char caviar – which is now well known outside of Carinthia – is harvested. Using a specific process developed by the Sicher family, the caviar is preserved in a completely natural way.

The “Sicher Carinthian Caviar” is, of course, offered in the Sicher restaurant, but is also featured as the “star of the menu” in many other high-end restaurants both within and beyond Austria. Michael Sicher, the head chef, says that every now and then a pure spoon of caviar is an absolute delight for one’s well-being – you just have to make sure that the spoon is big enough!


Fish restaurant Sicher LP

Muehlenweg 2
9121 Tainach


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