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A LONG TRADITION OF LOCAL MEDICINAL EXPERTISE Pinzgau has a long tradition of local medicinal expertise. Just a couple of generations ago herbal creams, ointments and oils were commonly used to prevent or cure illnesses. Salzburg’s Saalachtal is home to a wide variety of important ingredients for herbal remedies, such as resins, onion, pork fat, [...]
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CARINTHIA’S FIRST-CLASS CULINARY STORY The Slow Food Movement strives to keep alive traditional Carinthian dishes and ways of making them, maintaining the native livestock and produce, taking care of the consumer’s health, and generally ensuring a better sense of responsibility for the food industry. Carinthia has long been a “foody” heaven and the best way [...]
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You have to try it to believe it Shrouded in many myths, caviar is well known as a culinary ‘drug’. Good caviar doesn’t need artistically created dishes to shine, but rather it captivates the palate of any well seasoned gourmande with its own unique flavor. Each year, in autumn, the unique char caviar – which [...]
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