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TOP LOCATION FOR AUTOMOTIVE EVENTS Hotel Gut Brandlhof’s local and emotional closeness to the ÖAMTC Fahrtechnik Zentrum Saalfelden/Brandlhof is not by chance. Cars and vehicles of all kinds have always played a major role at the Brandlhof. No wonder then that they are Austria's top location for national and international manufacturers and suppliers for automotive [...]
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A FAMOUS MOUNTAIN-BIKING REGION Saalfelden Leogang is a famous mountain-biking region and when Bikepark Leogang was chosen to host the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championship it was an honour indeed. Sensational racing and thousands of excited spectators made sure the event was an absolute mountain-bike FEST! Try the World Championship courses for yourself [...]
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Whether you are a petrol head, car launch organizer or just looking for your next incentive idea, the Carinthia region in Austria is definetely worth paying a visit. It offers some of the most scenic and fascinating driving roads in the world, which also served as magnificent backdrops for many popular movies. Twisty bends between [...]
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