Month: December 2017

Watching majestic birds fly right above your head In a demonstration lasting about 45 minutes, you get the chance to experience free-flying, majestic birds of prey in the up-current of the famous Landskron castle. After some breathtaking flights, the birds then return to the handler who is standing right in front of you, and which [...]
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You have to try it to believe it Shrouded in many myths, caviar is well known as a culinary ‘drug’. Good caviar doesn’t need artistically created dishes to shine, but rather it captivates the palate of any well seasoned gourmande with its own unique flavor. Each year, in autumn, the unique char caviar – which [...]
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MONKEY MOUNTAIN On the Affenberg ("Monkey Mountain"), you can see monkeys running about free in nature. Visitors aren't seperated from the animals by cages or glass. As you take the group tour with a professional guide you will learn a lot about the monkeys and get to observe the Japanese macaques. A special attraction for [...]
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